Thank you for choosing Florida Center for Neurology for your healthcare needs!  We strive to provide all our patients with the best medical care possible. 

We are pleased to introduce this website to our patients. Through our new website you will be informed of any upcoming changes within the practice, gather location and contact information, pay your bills online, request appointments, and soon you will be able to request  medication refills and communicate with us online in a secure environment.


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  What we and our logo represent


Our symbol with the blue horizon line and the orange circle represents the hope that we wish to inspire in our patients for a brighter tomorrow. We encourage and empower our patients to become active partners in their healthcare through empathic listening and education. The one line of three circles represents our principles of clinical excellence, education and research that intersects with the other line of three circles which represent the team members of the Florida Center of Neurology where each member is valued and each strives and works in harmony to achieve our mutual goal of clinical excellence, education and research to better understand epilepsy, sleep disorders and other neurologic conditions.  The four blue and green circles embrace the orange circle in the center which represents the patient and the hope which is the center of our mission.

We view our ideal as larger than ourselves.  We understand that our abilities and talents are gifts that are to be shared with others. Our goal is to impart our knowledge, resources and our support to our patients and to other healthcare providers.  While having pride in our work, we humbly walk with our patients to help them understand their condition and to help them to find optimal treatments to enhance their quality of life as we journey together on their road to recovery and to an inspiring outcome.